Momo raba (Peach Lover)

This manga, written by Mitsuki Miko, is a story about a high school girl called Chieri (Cherry) that suddenly had to take care of her niece called Momo, because her sister Ichigo disappeared (I find it funny that the mother is called Strawberry and the daughter Peach ๐Ÿ˜‚, although they are common Japanese names). Later, it will turn out that Ichigo had Momo with a prince of some unknown country and that she didn’t want to become a princess and that was the reason to run away and leave her kid (kinda stupid, don’t you think). Of course, two high school boys will appear, to fight over Chieri’sย love and to try to make it more interesting…

The art itself is nice, I liked Momo and they way they draw it and the faces she makes, although after a while she doesn’t seem like an infant but like an older kid in baby’s body. Similar kid you can find in an ongoing manga called Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni (by Okuyama Puku).

But sometimes, she is just a little kid ๐Ÿ™‚


The story is pretty predictable, where the boys fall in love with the girl just because she is acting normal and taking care of her niece, and the girl kinda can’t decide which boy she likes more. Of course, one of the had to be a prince too! But the love Chieri has for Momo is really touching (although sometimes it’s too much).


Personally, not a bad read but also not something you’ll miss if you don’t read it.


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