Lost in London

I’ve stumbled upon this manhwa only few days ago, and I must say, I fell in love with the art itself. Yes, I’m a sucker for pretty characters and great art πŸ™‚ Though it’s not like I don’t read “uglier” manga or manhwa.

This manhwa is written by Eun-Young Lee. It’s a story about unusual murders happening in one city and the responsible for them are vampires. You get to know the main female character (Anna), that will somehow get involved with the vampires (luckily for her the good ones, although you couldn’t tell that based on next pictures πŸ™‚ ).

I must say, all the vampires are handsome as hell, it’s hard to say that any character isn’t pretty, including Anna and other humans. That’s the strong point to read it, if you like vampires and bishounens πŸ™‚

The down part is that the story itself doesn’t make a lot of sense and it feels kinda unfinished (I’ve read 33 chapters that are available and are marked as all, but in some places it is written that there are 37 chapters). You can get a bit confused with Anna’s indifference towards death, even though the trauma she had could mess up with someone really bad. I could understand if she hated vampires (although even that is a bit hard), but not the fact that it isn’t very important if she dies or not. We also have Noah there (main male character), who doesn’t do much but she still falls in love with him, an overprotective that it’s almost kinda sick brother and more male character that will just fall in love with her and make a reverse harem. And, of course, a pretty best friend, who can be her friend up to the moment she becomes popular with men.

All in all, nothing spectacular but still a fast read.


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