Some time ago, I tried to read this manga but I gave up after 10 chapters. Somehow, I didn’t find it interesting. Now, the anime is ongoing and I decided to give it a try again. I like it, for now, and I was enjoying it quiet a bit, until today’s episode (n.5). I’m just getting tired of Haruna Yuu, I mean how clueless can he get about things that are happening around him and I get it you can be shy, but this is going toward being stupid. And, he is blushing ALL the time, I mean come on! That was kinda cute, in the beginning but now it’s just tiresome. And the way all the girls fall in love with him, it’s just too much. Girls like boys with backbone 🙂  The character I like quiet a lot is Mikasa Makoto. He is smart, with great sense for humor and great to notice things around him. Fuuka is too loud and too energetic but not in a bad way (although people like that, in real life, could make me tired). Well, seven more episodes to go, we will see how it develops.


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