Tourou no Ori (Mantis Cage)

I’ve read my fair share of yaoi but I was unfortunate to start reading this one. First, because it’s ongoing. Second, because the art is pretty unsatisfying, except in some parts and third, because the story it just weird and it doesn’t make much sense…

So, what we have here is a pretty f*cked up Touma family. There’s the father of the family, who is acting strange, spends his days in inner room and pretty much detests his son Ikurou. Then there’s Ikorou’s mother, who is completely nuts and scares the sh*t out of Ikurou, once while he was young (of course, that marks him for life). My guess is, that it’s probably her fault why Ranzou (you will see who that is, when you read it) is, how he is…I am really sad to see him pay for his existence, the way he does 😦


There’s Norihiko, the house servant, who seems to be messing up with everyone in the family, in order to “protect it” and poor Sachiko, who got married in that family and will only suffer (with her husband being gay and saving sex with Norihiko). I guess it doesn’t sounds as bad as it really is (up to this 10th chapter).

There’s a brief overlook over Ikurou’s student days, where one interesting character appeared but it isn’t mentioned again, so far.  I kinda think that he would be better for Ikurou.


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