Tamako Market and Tamako love story

If you are really looking for heart warming anime, full of cute characters that will make you fall in love with them and a hilarious bird that will make you cry from smiling, then these are the anime for you!

I really loved this “journey” I took to Tamako’s place, where you get to meet her, her sister, father, grandfather and their typical mochi store. She is clumsy, cute, warm, great friend and has such a great love for mochi and for their store. Everyone around her adores her (with every right), including Mochizou, her friend, who is secretly in love with her for years. To make it more interesting, Dera arrives, the strange bird that came from a far country and who is looking for a girl who will marry the prince of his country. It’s funny to see how fast he got used to live with Tamako’s family, to eating mochi and to rest on Tamako’s head that he forgot why did he go there, in first place 😀 Her friends are also great (my personal favorite is Kanna-chan, a bit weird girl but so funny!).

Tamako love story is the continuation of anime, the end that you are waiting for 🙂


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