Magnet na Watashitachi (Love Like a Magnet)

In this manga, we have a cheerful girl called Ichihara Tsumugi and a gloom and really unfriendly boy called Uchimura Aki. Of course, we can’t forget our little (three years old) yet very important heroine Ayu-tan, Tsumugi’s niece.

Well, what we have here is another “classic” situation that you can read in many manga. Normally it’s the girl or the boy, who is misunderstood, disliked just because they are different or they don’t know anything about them. Here Aki is traumatized by someone in the past (you will see who), and doesn’t believe in women (actually dislikes them) because he thinks that they only lie and hurt you. But with time, Tsumugi will slowly change his opinion.


He loves children and wants to work in nursery in the future, but his gloomy looks are a bit in a way. He needs a person who will understand him and support him (which is Tsumugi for him) and give him that little “push” in the right direction.

Tsumugi is actually pretty cool, I like it when people think more of the happiness of the person they love, than their own. It is a pity that there aren’t a lot of manga out there with characters like her.

The moment when Ayu-tan broke Aki’s heart 😀



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