Kare no Ondo (His Temperature)

This manga, written by Miyagawa Masayo, is a story about two “broken” and hurt people, who suffer all the time. Ito is just a high school girl who is suffering not only because her mother left her and her father, but also because she is daily abused by her father. Ibuki, on the other hand is a person who found what his dream is but had to gave it up because of his father’s failure. Not only that he had to give up his dream, but he has to make other people’s dreams come true, no matter what he feels.

From the moment he saw her, he felt attracted to her. He just couldn’t leave her alone, even more when he found out that she is being abused by her father. Even her own boyfriend, when he saw what was going on, didn’t help her out. He just wanted to get into her pants and then break up with her. It wasn’t enough that she was abused, but even very stupid and harsh rumors started to appear about her in school. Ibuki couldn’t just close his eyes and let her suffer. He offered her comfort and the help she needed, even though he had his girlfriend Sayoko with him. Of course, she had to be over protective and spill stupid things like these:


But since her boyfriend continued helping Ito, she offered to “help” too but what she really wanted is to break those two apart and to hurt Ito even more. She would be even more mad if she knew what Ibuki thought of Ito, when he started to get interested in her:


He tried his best to help her and get her to overcome her fear of physical touch with other person and to get over her trauma…He was really patient, but they pushed him down and forced him to leave her. That was a really bad time for Ito, who was suddenly left alone, but in some way it was good for her, because she became more independent and decide for herself what she wants in the future.

Her meeting with Ibuki, few years after, and even more her meeting with her mother, when she finally heard why she was left behind, made some important changes in Ito and brought her back her love. Ibuki also realized that he can’t live for others and go on sacrificing his life like that, that Ito is what he needs and who really understands him and who’s part of him. Was and always will be.


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