My girl

The author of this really heart warming manga is Yumeka Sumomo. This story is much more than a synopsis you can read about it, where you get to read that this is a story of single 23 year old Kazama Masamune, who suddenly became a father, after meeting a little girl Koharu outside work, who told him that she is his daughter.

This is more a story about two people (one “big” and one “small” one), that are mourning the loss of their most favorite person on the whole world, and who are connected to each other not by family ties, but with their love for that person.


They are a father and a daughter that didn’t know each other, that comfort each other by talking about her. He shares the moments how she was while they were dating, and she shares the moments how she was as a loving mother.


And by struggling with different things each day, they get to know each other better and come to love each other more and more. Not everybody around them is accepting nor understand well their situation, but they still try their best to live as a father and a daughter.

Very interesting character is Aki, the kid whose parents are divorced and who goes to the same kindergarten as Kazama Koharu. His “view” of the world is interesting, in a way that you can see how the divorce of his parents marked him, and how he just can’t accept the love that Masamune still has for Koharu’s mother Youko, even though she’s gone.

It’s a very nice read.


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