Kasa no Shita, Futari (Under the Umbrella, with You)

This manga, written by Junko, is actually a story about hopeless love and selfishness. Mio meets on one rainy day Yugi, while trying to “borrow” his umbrella without asking. Yugi sees him and tells him not to bring him back that umbrella but Mio comes back. That’s how Mio will meet Yugi’s friends and will start going regularly to Yugi’s place to play with them.

Mio, who until then couldn’t maintain a relationship because he thought it was too troublesome, will eventually fall in love with Yugi. But Yugi only has his eyes fixed on his friend Tachibana. Mio notices it but can’t help being hurt by watching how that guy hurts Yugi. But Yugi just can’t stop loving him.

Yugi, in the end, even returns to his hometown, heartbroken and a wreck and leaves sad Mio behind. All Mio’s temptations of helping Yugi feel better and continue with his life were futile but Yugi was still thankful for all the effort.


Some years later they will meet again, not only Mio and Yugi, but also Tachibana who brought so much pain to both of them, without actually thinking about Yugi (in this case) but only about himself. What happens in the end, you’ll have to read it 🙂


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