Kimi no Sei

This manga, written by Sakurairo and art done by Chatani Ami, was a pretty let down. The biggest let down is actually a very predictable story and Yurina, the main female character. The story is about a college boy named Takaya, who falls in love at first sight with Yurina  (literally 5 minutes after seeing her he declared his love towards her). He doesn’t recognize her, but she does recognize him and hates his guts because he bullied her when she was small and the other in the class did the same because of Takaya.

In all this, Takaya is pretty likable in the end, even though it makes no sense that, after dating many girls just for fun and with no strings attached, now he suddenly fell in love at first sight. But, you get to know why was he like that. What was good about him is that you can see that he changed and now he stays true to what he says.


Yurina, on the other hand, is a huge mess. I can understand why she holds him responsible for all the emotional and psychological scars, but I will probably never understand the “I will make him/her fall in me and then I will hurt them and get my revenge that way” motto. Of course, it backfires, even more when you aren’t a person who is like that and who can step on people like that. If she was, she would’ve recovered better from her childhood scar.


Cherry on the top was a psychotic girl (not even an ex-girlfriend), who just had to have an evil master plan to destroy Yurina and who mislabeled and misunderstood her completely.

Not very worth your time reading it…


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