Kimi wa Kirakira (You’re Sparkling)

If you didn’t read anything yet written by Yoshino Aki, then this is a very good manga to start with. This is a story about Shinobu, her life and her family. She comes from a family where her father is a pretty known photographer and from whom she inherited love for photography.


After her parents got divorced, she stopped taking pictures. She led a pretty boring life, in her opinion, where nothing seemed to maintain her interest for long. All this will end when she meets an interesting football player Saijou, who will make her interested in taking photos again and who, in a way, will help her decide what she wants to do with her life.

I liked this manga because it isn’t a typical “the girl is head over heels in love with the guy” but she is quiet normal, reasonable and funny.

Her childhood friend Shin is also pretty nice, with feelings for her but doesn’t do anything unnecessary but actually supports her and understands her (for a change).

It’s a manga with really beautiful art, especially if you are up to a lot of great drawings of Saijou, while he is playing football and off the field too 🙂


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