Kore wa Koi no Hanashi (This is a Tale of Love)

I really don’t know why I started reading this manga written by Chika. I guess I wanted to see for myself if they will really romantically connect an adult and just a little girl (we are talking here about a 10 year old girl and a 31 years old man). I know that there are manga like this out there, but at least the girl was a bit older (16-17 years old) so you kinda try to accept it that she knows what she wants, what’s she’s doing and also knows it’s legal or not.

It all started when Morimoto Haruka came to Utsumi Shinichi’s house to leave there and take care of the kitten she found. She though the house was abandoned. At first Shinichi didn’t want to let her do that but, in the end, he gave up. Besides, she said that she is home alone and he pitied her. He couldn’t even imagine in which state her family is and how many more complications it will bring him. Although, it is nice to see someone helping the other person, especially if that person is a child.


Actually you can almost blame his editor Oogaki and his best friend Satomi for everything that happened (actually they are both Shinichi’s best friends from high school). Oogaki was playing with both of them, just for the sake of the good story, entertainment and thrill. There are many times that made me think if he is really Shinichi’s friend. He was “joking” so many times about him having feelings for Haruka, that I found it pretty repulsive after him saying them so many times and not even thinking of Shinichi and how much “jokes” like that bother him.

Satomi explained what love is to Haruka, and by doing that, Haruka started to think that she is in love (like a child that young, literally abandoned by her mother and with a father who take care more of his employees than his own daughter, could know what romantic love is). Shinichi really wanted to help her out, since he knows how is it to be lonely. Because of some unpleasant circumstances, he even became her guardian. I wont say that it isn’t his fault too, I know you can’t choose who you will love, but I think that you should have some self control when it comes to a kid.

There are two more characters who were really pain in the ass all the time. Sugita, who is desperately in love with Haruka, badly educated yet a bright kid, who speaks so bad with elders and comes and goes when he feels like it to other people’s home. He isn’t much better when he grows up. He will be right about something, yet the way he does things is really irritating and annoying. What’s a bit remarkable about him is how he tried to fight against “Oji-san” to win Haruka over and how long he persevered.

Sonehara isn’t any better. She did the same, put her nose where she shouldn’t and even bullied Haruka, because she couldn’t get what she wanted. But she became a better person, for sure, and a true friend to Haruka.

Shinichi is a writer and I understand he’s busy yet living like a pig, not cutting hair and looking the way he looks is just too much. He could take care of himself a bit more and not nag all the time and leave others to take care of him, just because it’s more convenient that way. Although, I do like it that he didn’t put a finger on Haruka for many years (at least that).


Haruka becomes pretty boring, almost like a smart ass, thinking to know about things she knows noting about. Not to mention the editor that was putting some stupid ideas in her head and she was following his lead. But, what can you expect…She does get older later on but still she didn’t grow up in an adult that is remarkable (she began as a type of a housewife or a maid, and she ended up like that).

What I wanted to say is that, in my opinion, this manga doesn’t offer a very nice story, nor conversations that are interesting, nor great characters…


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