Yasashii Kankei (Tender affairs)

This manga was written by Fuwa Shinri. It has a sequel called Perfect World but it hasn’t been translated yet completely. The story is about Murase Naoya, a 23 years old car salesman. He has a lot of problems at his work, because he’s too shy and blushes every time he has to speak with somebody. His co-worker Tamura, a very successful salesman in that branch, helps him out quiet often. He will take him to his client, in who Murase will recognize his childhood friend Innami Tsukasa, who disappeared seven years ago, without saying anything to Murase. Murase considered him his best friend and he was really shocked when Tsukasa disappeared.

Murase is a really huge crybaby who only knows to ask for forgiveness from the others, easily afraid and used by others, who doesn’t believe in himself and who dislikes himself. Tsukasa is  Murasa’s childhood friend and his biggest support in his early childhood. He is now a known writer, that writes under a pen name Tsukazaki Hajime. A lot happened to him, in those seven years that they didn’t meet each other.


I didn’t like Murase’s character much. I know it can be complicated when your parents put a lot of pressure on you and compare you with your brother, who is just born more talented then he was. But, so many tears and constant asking of forgiveness, even though he didn’t do anything wrong is just too much.

Tsukasa is more up to my taste, dark, not smiling but still a good and caring person. The way he became is a little bit fault of his family and some of the things that happened with them. I guess it was his way of protecting himself and trying to distance himself from the things that hurt him. Long hair suits him very well (he had a reason why he let it grow that much), so it was very strange to see him when he cut it, later on.

Tamura was likable in the beginning but I really dislike people who force themselves on other people, no matter what’s the reason. No is a no, no matter how much you like the other person.
Anyway, it isn’t a bad read…one more manga that shows that everybody needs at least one person in their life to support them.


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