All you need is kill

When I started reading this manga, I had no idea that the movie Edge of tomorrow, from 2014, with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt was based on this manga. The moment you start you will notice two things: that the art resembles Bakuman a lot and that the story is quiet a lot like the one in the movie. Resemblance with Bakuman is normal, since the person responsible for art is Takeshi Obata. The story creators are Hiroshi Sakurazaka and Ryousuke Takeuchi.  But, If you have a weak stomach, you’d better skip it because it has a lot of pretty shocking drawings and a lot of blood.

The story is about “mimics”,strange entities, that invaded Earth and are killing everything that is on their way. Humans must fight them and they use exoskeletons in combat against mimics.

The main character is a new recruit, Kiriya Keiji, who realizes that he is in a loop from which he can’t find a way out. Every time he dies, the day he died repeats itself. First, he reacts pretty bad to it and first few loops really take a toll on him, until he realizes that he could do something about his training and perfecting his combat skills and not just be desperate about his own situation.

He realizes that the person he should look up to is Vrataski Rita, the great fighter and the leader of Special Forces. It’s interesting to see how, with every battle, he learns more and more and gets experience and realizes what he could do better.


The story about Rita and how she became a fighter and how she became that good is really interesting too. I really liked her character, she is really strong, both mentally and physically. And her talking to Keiji and sharing the experience she had, with him, will improve even more the chances of the humans to win.

Art is really spectacular, with a lot of great drawings. There are even a few funny moments, even though Keiji kinda lost his perception of what a normal life is and how you should enjoy the small things in life, no matter how insignificant they seem. She will remind him of that. You don’t need much to rise your spirit and feel better, no matter the circumstances. The only thing I didn’t like much is the ending. It was expected but yet, the manga seemed so short and that they could’ve continued with the story.


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