7 Jikan-me Rhapsody (7th Period Rhapsody)

This is a story about Toudou Rinko, who is a class representative. She has a home room teacher, Saku Makoto, with whom she always have discussions about something, being it a school festival or his special love counseling (love consultation room) that he does for his students. He listens to their love problems and helps them out. When Rinko first  listened to one of the sessions, she told sensei that she is now afraid of men.


He didn’t like that so he tried to make her think different. That was the time she fell in love with him, saw him as a man for the first time (she wasn’t really interested in love before that) but also started helping him, even though she didn’t really want that. Later on, she will have some doubts about her feelings toward him and his towards her, but it will all clear up in the end.

The story wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t Masao Shizuka, a boy in the same year as Rinko, who saw her on school festival dressed up as a princess and that was the time he started to pay attention to her. It was funny to see how he was trying to show her he likes her, but nothing reached her.


This manga has a “typical” setting, it won’t be something new that you’re reading but it’s fun and enjoyable, with a nice art. It’s nice how much Saku sensei cares about his students, even though it looks like he’s playing around and not thinking seriously about the thinks he does. Also, there are a lot of situations in which she caught sensei during his sessions that are also pretty funny.

This manga was written by Tanaka Meca and it also contains an extra story called Light right rabbit.


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