Black bird

If you follow any person that likes to read manga, it’s impossible not to see that Black bird is pretty popular among female population. This manga, written by Sakurakouji Kanoko, is a story about a special girl called Harada Misao. Since she was a child, she could see ghosts and other children thought that she is weird. She somehow managed to survive but the situation got much worse after she started high school and how her 16th birthday was approaching. At that time, her neighbor next door will move in. At first, she wont recognize him but after she will find out that he was her childhood friend and her first love, a man called Usui Kyou.


With his appearance, a lot of things will be explained to her. That she is “Senka”, the “Holy Fruit” that will bring prosperity to the youkai family she marries into. Also, her blood brings power to whomever drinks it, so that’s the reason why she was starting to get more and more attacked. Many of the youkai just want to eat her, but Kyou is different. He is really in love with her and wants her to be his bride. He fought his older brother Usui Sojo, in order to become the clan leader (of the Tengu clan) and so he can have the right to have her for himself. He also has eight Tengu’s with him, who work directly under his command and who make part of his daitengu. 


Kyou will have to defeat many enemies that will appear in front of him, in order to snatch Misao from him…and one even bigger, unknown threat, which is what happens to Misao after they get married.

This manga has a really beautiful art. All of Kyou’s daitengu, including himself are really handsome and will bring water to your mouth 🙂

Now, you might not like Kyou, since he’s a pretty pushy and perverted character, he is jealous of everyone when it comes to Misao and he has quiet a problem with anger management.


Misao, in the other hand, is a huge crybaby, with the lowest self-esteem, who looks at Kyou as if he was some God or a miracle…Really weak as a person, she gets better later on but still not really my type of the heroine I look for, when I read some manga.

I can’t resist not to put a photo of one really funny moment when Misao trips and Kyou runs to help her (you can see Kyou’s supernatural movements). Moments like these really make me enjoy my reading.


Also, cute ones, like this one:



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