This manga is based on Ann Major’s novel, “Secret Child” and the art was done by Fujita Kazuko. The story starts by an accidental meeting (in a cabin) of Bronte Deblin, who’s was running away because of her failed wedding, and Mars West, who was covered by blood and running away from the police. Even though they just met, they will share a kiss, right before Mars was taken away by the police.


Mars will spend two years in prison, for the crime he didn’t commit and Bronte will work in a flower shop. Five years later, they will meet again by chance and right before they meet again the next day, Bronte gets into a car accident. She ends up meeting a “mad scientist” (in this case Webster Quinn, a plastic surgeon), who is obsessed by Bronte’s mother, a dead opera singer. He will completely change her face, so she will be a perfect copy of her mother. That will change Bronte’s life and put her in many situations, far from pleasant ones.

She gets to know that there is one more person with the same face, Mischief Jones, who is actually Chantal, Mars’s wife who framed him for murder and who he married just so he can have West hotel. After this, the plot just thickens more and more.

Mars is a good looking man, who knows what it is to start from scratch in life and work hard to get what you want. He is a bitter man, who doesn’t believe in love, until he meets the right person. After that, he is willing to do anything for her.


Bronte is a pretty innocent and naive person. I did like the fact that she wasn’t easily mentally broken and that she tried to survive everything on her way, with a smile on her face. I do like it that she really tries to understand the person in front of her and to put herself in their shoes, but she really exaggerates with it and doesn’t think of the consequences. To me, she looked like a cat with nine lives, since if it was a normal life, she would be long gone. And, it’s hard to accept that, no matter how bad the person in front of her is, she manages to change her/him…


Mischief is a lying, scheming, promiscuous excuse for a human, who tries to use Bronte for her own agendas. Everything that goes wrong for her, and everything that she can’t get, she will blame it on Bronte. That just shows how weak and petty she is. She will use any means necessary to achieve her goals (and when I say any, I mean just any, being it assault, rape, shooting, kidnapping etc…)

What I also liked was the love between Mars and Bronte. I liked it that it wasn’t a “classical” situation where even with the slightest misunderstanding, they would break up or separate. They really do believe in each other and put other’s happiness before their own…

It’s a satisfying read.


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