Sekine-kun no Koi (Sekine’s Love)

When I started reading this manga, written by Kawachi Haruka, I was wondering what attracted me to start reading it and will I be able to finish it. The story started with Keiichiro Sekine and him thinking about what he could do, in his spare time. He will end up going to a handcrafts store, where he will meet a very peculiar old man and his granddaughter Kisaragi Sara. He will start paying to learn magic tricks from the grandpa (for a pretty high price) but he will also start knitting. You’ll get to know that he is exceptional in everything he does, he is a very fast learner and does many things perfectly without a lot of sweat. Lots of people will dislike him because of that and his looks, and women will talk about him and admire him all the time. He has a mysterious air around him, that make people interested in him, even though he isn’t trying to pique  their interest.

He only has one real friend from high school called Sakurato Konno and a weird fear of skinny persons that he got from Konno’s wife Kazune. All this made me wonder how is any of this interesting to read.

But, the more you read the more you get into it. In the end, I really liked Sekine. He’s a very caring person. He’s a bit weird, maybe more accurate to say is that he is an unusual person. He kinda let people (women mostly) to do whatever they want to do to him, use him as they please, just because he never deeply thought about it and didn’t actually care, since he always just waited for it “to pass” and to stop “being uncomfortable”. He just lets life slide past him, like it doesn’t concern him much.

Meeting with Sara will have a great impact on his life. They will have their differences and some awkward moments but she will notice things about him that no one noticed before and she will make him think about things he never thought before. They will both have to fight their true nature, in order to get what they want.


This is a bit unusual read but you sure will like it, if you give it a try.


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