Renren Zakari

If you’re in mood for a fast, light, kinda cute but pretty predictable read, then this is a manga for you. The mangaka is Konno Risa. It has almost all “typical” settings that you get in one shoujo manga. The festival with the fireworks, a girl being pushed against the wall by the boy (although in this case it was to actually help her and not to make her heart doki doki), the well known tripping on the stairs and being caught and of course two boys fighting over a girl.

The story is about Ichikawa Sumika, who was late on the first day of school and who, while trying to find the gymnasium where the entrance ceremony was being held, had an encounter with two boys, Hasumi Ryou and Shima Yuushou (a playboy and a monkey, how she called them).


She will be punished for being late, and it was because of them. Later she will find out that they are in the same class and because of some circumstances she will have to tutor them for a week.


That’s when it all starts…She will say some things to both of them that will touch them deeply and kinda see through them or at least, make them think about their actions. Of course, other girls won’t like her being so “plain” and monopolizing them… In my opinion she is a normal girl, nothing plain about her…She likes to study and is a honest person. In real life, the miracle of being normal and being liked by two great looking guys doesn’t really happen (or at least it’s rare).

Also, for the sake of the plot she will have a great dilemma on who to choose but normally you know who you like pretty fast, no matter how “experienced” you are or not…

Anyway, if you have some free time and you want to enjoy really great art, try this one out. Here comes one more photo of my favorite one 🙂 I couldn’t resist not to put it 🙂



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