Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)

I am sure that many of you watched this anime in winter of 2016, since there were high expectations for it. For me, it was the best anime of that season and one of the most interesting in these few years. I watched it while airing, which I do rarely. There were quiet a few people that didn’t like it, many of them compared it with Steins;Gate. As for me, I didn’t compare…They were different and unique, in their own way. Since I liked it, I decided to read the manga too. It was written by Sanbe Kei. Now, you have to be prepared to one thing…The anime is following pretty much the manga, if you don’t count the end, which was different but then again it had many touching points. Still, I didn’t find it boring at all. Some things were better depicted in the anime and some better in the manga.

As you might already know, the story is about Fujinuma Satoru, a 29 years old man, who works as a delivery man to support himself, while what he really wants to do and is giving his best is to be a mangaka and write good stories. At work, he has a really loud but energetic coworker Katagiri Airi, of who he thinks that she’s a bit bothersome and that she doesn’t know to tell a joke.But she will support him in a time and way he couldn’t have imagined.

His mother is Fujinuma Sachiko, one of my favorite characters (here and of all the “mother” characters that I’ve encountered until now). She is a very perceptive person, so much that sometimes she is scary and it looks like she’s reading your mind (reason enough for Satoru to call her youkai or a demon 🙂 ) She and Satoru had a really good relationship when he was younger, but after certain killings in his area and people not believing in him that the killer isn’t the one that they think it is, Satoru kinda “closed” himself.

Satoru possesses a unexplainable ability of “revival”, which takes him back in time right before some incident occurs. He does try to ignore it, since getting involved in other people’s business never ended up well for him. Still, he helps every time. Airi will be the one who will notice that he is somehow always at the right place, at the right time, although it may not seem like that. But one incident will make him go way back, 18 years into past, at the time when he was an elementary school student. He is back in Hokkaido, in February of 1988. Many things that he has forgotten will come back to him, one of them being the disappearance and death of his classmate, Hinazuki Kayo and some other kids.


It will be interesting to see how he will try to approach Kayo, a girl on who he didn’t pay much attention, even though they were going to the same class. It’s interesting how Kayo saw through him and called him an imposter, just like she is, because she noticed that he played a role of the person he wants to be so he can get along with his mom and friends and that way to mingle into that community. Only after going back again, he will realize how many great friends he has, especially Kobayashi Kenya, such a smart and great boy, who will support Satoru in all of his “weird” actions he will take and couldn’t explain. In a very subtle way, he will let Satoru know and notice some things he didn’t see before.


This manga really keeps your interest and you eagerly follow Satoru on his way to save the kids, and you really are cheering for him all the time. One more thing that I liked is also a part where we get to know the killer better… How was killer’s childhood and what made that person do what it’s been doing and why. Also, you will have the end, the real one where you see how the lives of people who survived continue.

The art certainly isn’t the best I’ve seen so far, but there are moments when it gets really nice and pretty 🙂 But, the story itself will make you want to read it.



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