Wild fangs and Wild rose

Both manga were written by Yamagishi Hokuto. It is a story about two brothers, Mao and Kiri, who lived in an isolated village, with their grandmother. The reason why they lived in such a place is that they are beasts, very famous and part of a big group in the past, but now there aren’t many of them left. They need to have their “master”, the special human who command them and prevent them from loosing their consciousness and turning into beasts forever.

In Wild fangs, the story in about Mao, who left his village after his grandmother died. Kiri has left before that, so Mao didn’t want to stay alone in the village. He went on the travel, looking for his master. During that travel he meets Syon, a bounty hunter, and meets his brother Kiri again.

In Wild rose, we follow Kiri, who felt the village and his brother and grandmother, in order to see for himself if it is really needed to live a such isolated life, just because he doesn’t have a master. That new way of life will be pretty tough on him and, in his darkest moment, he will meet Mikhail

Needless to say, it’s not only the beast that is in need of a master, but the masters themselves are “saved” by companionship and the love of the beast. The brotherly love between Mao and Kiri is also nice.

It’s a nice read, with an interesting story, great art and without explicit sex scenes.

There is a third part called Wild Wind, situated long time ago, where you can get to know a bit more about the history of the beasts and how they appeared and what happened. It’s a nice read too.



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