Yurara No Tsuki (Yurara)

Now this was an interesting manga to read. It’s written by Shiomi Chika. It’s a story about nice and quiet girl called Tsukinowa Yurara. She could see ghosts ever since she was a little girl. The only one who ever believed her was her grandfather. She didn’t have nice experience with other people, and she always tried to hide it. But it will all change when she enters high school. Her sitting place will be “possessed” by the ghost of a dead girl. She will realize after that that two classmates she encounters, Tendou Mei and Hoshino Yakou, can also see ghosts. And not only that. They have strong spiritual powers that helps them to ward off vengeful spirits. Tendou uses fire to fight them and Hoshino uses water.

After meeting these new friends, Yurara will get to know that her body is being possessed by a ghost. The ghost is actually something like a guardian spirit, that has been protecting her since she was a kid. Her grandfather, who can also see spirits, told her that someone is protecting her but she never actually felt its presence so much, like when high school started.

Tendou and Hoshino will both help her out in fighting against the ghosts, because she still doesn’t know how to use her powers, how to protect herself and how to help the ghosts that are wandering around, not being able to find peace and hurting people because they are lonely. Until Yurara learns more about her powers, her guardian spirit will remain with her.

The main problem will be her being wanted by both of them. You will enjoy this love triangle which is actually a quadrangle, but they wont know that. Yurara will really be confused and in a turmoil. It will be hard for her figure out her true feelings. And both of them need her and love her.

Yurara is a nice and sensitive girl and her guardian spirit is a total opposite of her… She’s bad ass, strong-willed, more beautiful, fearless…But she cares a lot about Yurara’s well-being and about her, more than her own happiness.





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