Kanojo ni Naru Hi (Becoming a girl one day)

How would you feel if one day, your best friend and the biggest adversary that you have, suddenly changed from a boy into a girl? He still thinks/feels as a boy and isn’t really happy with the situation, but later he gets used to it. And you, on the other hand, had the worst experience ever with girls and are afraid of them…


Well, that’s what happened to Miyoshi Kyousuke, when his friend Mamiya Nao changed into a girl one day. They live in a society where the society maintains a fixed male-female ratio. When there’s an imbalance between the male and female population, they normally go through emergence, a phenomenon where, for example, a boy changes into a girl. One enters in sort of cocoon and changes the gender. And it’s not only the appearance but the change runs very deep, all the way to DNA. The only thing that doesn’t really change is the personality. That usually happens when they are kids. In teenagers it’s rare and dangerous.

That sure was a funny situation and it was interesting seeing how Mamiya is helping Miyoshi to overcome his fear of girls. Also what I liked here was not only reading about their own insecurities and the way they deal with them, but also seeing how they fight against prejudices that people have about people who went through that transformation and how they can be misunderstood and treated bad. The characters are depicted really nice, they seem like could be someone you know, with real problems. And the love between Miyoshi and Mamiya is really heart warming.



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