Koujitsusei no Tobira and Jin to Neko wa Yobu to Konai

For Buegette Cys, who lived his life quiet normally, with his work and girlfriend Irene, everything will change one day when he gets the call informing him that his brother died and that his brother left behind an adopted son, Buegette Kai. He haven’t seen his brother, who was a scientist, for 10 years. His brother was working on a way to implant a foreign memory into someone’s brain and change that person’s memory. The arrival of beautiful 17 year old boy will lead to him losing his girlfriend and, in a way, losing his mind since he will get strangely attracted to this boy.


It will appear that Kai is doing some shady work on the side, but Cys couldn’t even imagine what was going on and where it would lead him. Cys will hear amazing stories about himself and his brother and Kai. Both the FBI and CIA will get involved. After all the things he heard, he just wanted to be left alone.


In the time that follows, Cys will try to find out more about his past and his brother. He understood that he shouldn’t have said that to Kai and that he has a lot of questions for him. Kai seems to know many things about him, even from the time that he doesn’t remember. He will tell him about the time they met, who named him and many other things.


This manga turns out to be more a thriller than just a common and repetitive yaoi. But the end wasn’t quiet satisfying.

If you want to read more about Mari and Jin, you can in Jin to Neko wa Yobu to Konai (Neither Jin nor a Cat Come when Calling).


But let me warn you. This manga has different short stories and it isn’t as good as Koujitsusei no Tobira. Jin is way too weird, for my taste. Mari was more interesting for me yet he seemed like he wasn’t quiet sure what he wants to do about certain things. His friendship with Jin is pretty unusual. There’s also a guy that violated Mari but wants to continue?!? Besides the story about Jin and Mari, there is even a weirder story about an ex baseball player. Also one shockingly sad, involving death. And if you are in need of gay angels, you’ll find them too. You wont miss anything if you don’t read them.

Both manga were written by Shoowa.


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