Omoi no Kakera (Fragments of Love)

This manga was very sweet and cute and nice for reading. It’s the first yuri I’ve read but I really liked it. It’s a story about love, one sided one, lust, insecurities, friendship, support… It’s really easy to recognize a lot of the events from manga in real life. The only different thing is that here are mostly girls falling in love with girls.

In a way, the main character is Takaoka Mika. I really liked her, as a character, she’s really down to earth, she has a nice way of thinking, she’s sharp and good at noticing things around her and people close to her.

She many times has a good advice for someone and she’s good at pointing what’s really the problem. Her only “fault” is that she was really hurt by her first love and, since then, she closed off her heart because of the fear that she might get hurt again. To overcome that, an encounter with Harada Mayu will be crucial, for both of them.

There’s a story about Matsumodo Takako and Harada Yui too. You’ll get to see how and why they’ve met in school, how will their relationship change over time and to what lengths they are willing to go so the can support each other.


The art was pretty nice too and I’m sure I’ll check some other manga written by Takemiya Jin.

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