Hybrid child

A hybrid child is a toy for middle aged, rich men. Depending on how much affection and attention they get from their owner, they grow and develop. Hazuki was found by Kotarou, when he was a boy. Kotarou is an heir of Izumi family, a very old family. He was the third person who took Hazuki in. The others at the house tried to get rid of him a couple of times but Kotarou didn’t let it.


But, after a few years passed, one day Hazuki just collapsed. Kotarou took him to Kuroda, the creator of hybrid children. Kuroda was surprised to see that Hazuki is a part of first models that were released. He told Kotarou that there is no way of fixing Hazuki and that he is rotting from inside out. After Kotarou complaining a lot, Kuroda told him that he needs to find and bring him the moon droplet. It was touching to read how Kotarou was trying to find it and how desperate he was to try and save his friend. Hazuki, on the other hand, was full of love for Kotarou and he was more worried about Kotarou and how he will continue with his life, since he is pretty useless, than about his own dying.

Second story is about Ichi Seya and his doll Yuzu. Ichi is a beautiful man, that often sits in the garden with a painful look on his face. And Yuzu wants to grow taller and mature faster, because he wants to help and support Ichi-sama. A lot will happen and Yuzu will find out why is Ichi-sama like that, after an attack on him occurs and Ichi-sama becomes blind. Even when Ichi-sama decided to send him back to Kuroda, so he can find him a better owner, Yuzu declined and said that he wants to stay with him and support him.

There is one more story. The last one was really touching and painful to read. This manga was written by Nakamura Shungiku, the mangaka who also did Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

What I liked about them is that these hybrid children weren’t used for their “original” purpose, to satisfy some perverted desires of their owners but they are a real companion for their owners, someone to listen to them and support them in good as well in bad times. They are more than just a mere dolls. The only strange thing was the time when the stories took place. Warriors in a time of Shogunate and dolls that can grow up and learn to speak kinda don’t go one with another.

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