Lonely to Organdy

It’s a story about Haruto, who left his parental home because he didn’t want to continue family business but try to be a singer and songwriter. After a failed attempt of singing on the street, he stopped playing music and just passed his days working, eating, sleeping and watching dramas on TV.

One day, he got involved in an accident, when his life flashed in front of his eyes and when he thought of the fact that he will die and wont do the things he planned on doing, when he came there. Yet, he survived and from that moment on he was able to see Akira, the ghost that was haunting him.

That was a start of a really nice friendship. They would pass days and nights together, enjoying each others company. Haruto will learn things about Akira, where is he from, how and because he died, what he felt then and while being a ghost. Akira brought light in Haruto’s lonely life, but Haruto helped him feel less lonely too. He will support him to start over with his music and go towards the goal he had. 

This short manga, written by Ogeretsu Tanaka, was unexpectedly warm, sad and easy to read. It shows that we don’t need much to be happy, if we are lucky enough to encounter with special people in the time of our greatest need (many times especial for us only). 

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