Castle Mango

When I read the description about this manga, I must say I had some prejudices and I really didn’t expect it to be the way it is. When I read love hotel, shooting AV’s and pants suddenly removed, I kinda thought that we will have a “typical bully”, who “can’t help it and can’t control himself” and a “poor, little and confused” lamb, who knows nothing about anything and just accepts thing and let’s being pushed around. Yet, there’s more there and I’m glad I gave it a shot.

There are two main characters, Yorozu and Togame. Yorozu is a very responsible and serious high school boy. A boy that, because of his family circumstances, doesn’t know how to relax and be just a boy or depend on adults.

Because of the lack of his experience, which growing up and dealing with different things brings, he will misunderstand a situation between Togame and his younger brother Satoru, which will lead to other things and actions he will do, which just show that he’s still a kid.


What I liked about his is that he really supports his family, how capable he is and that he doesn’t hide the fact that he lives in a “love hotel”, even though many people would think it’s so shameful. There’s a good reason for it and it’s enough that he knows it. On the other hand, it helped him decide what he wants to do in the future.

Togame, on the other hand, is a director of pretty popular AV’s. He does that for living but he doesn’t stop there and he also has his dreams. I like it how he treats Satoru and how, later on, he will try to help Yorozu because he understands that kids shouldn’t go through hardships like that. The more I knew about him, the more I liked him and the way he reacts and deals with things. He sure has his flaws too, yet it made him feel more “real” and human.

I liked the relationship that will develop between him and Yorozu and how it develops slowly and steady and without rushing anything. His coworkers are pretty interesting and nice too, and it was nice to see how they care for him and support him.

This manga was written by Konohara Narise and art was drawn by Ogura Muku. It is the right manga for you if you look for a deeper story, yet if you are more interested in love scenes, then you’d be a bit disappointed.


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