Film girl

It’s a story about Nakamura Mei, a girl that was a model as a child. She had a trauma where she heard that she doesn’t have any talent so she quit and from then on she tried to be as plain and invisible as she can (I don’t know why she would go to that extreme but ok).

One day Shirou sees her. He’s been her fan ever since he was 12 years old and saw her in a magazine. From that time on, he tried his best to become a model and meet her someday. He shows a lot of funny faces in this manga, I found him pretty entertaining 🙂


There are a lot of cliches in this manga, one of them being that Mei wants to do her best and shines for Shirou, and not for herself. I do understand that lack of confidence and a trauma are a big problem, and that his help was something that she really needed, but then doing everything to make someone else happy and proud, is a bit too much.

Still, I like how the relationship between them will grow and be more mutual than in the beginning. I like how they look like on photo shoot together.


Also, I didn’t think it will end how it ended, but for me it was a good ending, where it showed that they grew and they know better what the want to do with their life and career. There are some really funny situations to, so it’s a fast and quiet enjoyable read. It was written by Takagi Shigeyoshi.

Hybrid child

A hybrid child is a toy for middle aged, rich men. Depending on how much affection and attention they get from their owner, they grow and develop. Hazuki was found by Kotarou, when he was a boy. Kotarou is an heir of Izumi family, a very old family. He was the third person who took Hazuki in. The others at the house tried to get rid of him a couple of times but Kotarou didn’t let it.


But, after a few years passed, one day Hazuki just collapsed. Kotarou took him to Kuroda, the creator of hybrid children. Kuroda was surprised to see that Hazuki is a part of first models that were released. He told Kotarou that there is no way of fixing Hazuki and that he is rotting from inside out. After Kotarou complaining a lot, Kuroda told him that he needs to find and bring him the moon droplet. It was touching to read how Kotarou was trying to find it and how desperate he was to try and save his friend. Hazuki, on the other hand, was full of love for Kotarou and he was more worried about Kotarou and how he will continue with his life, since he is pretty useless, than about his own dying.

Second story is about Ichi Seya and his doll Yuzu. Ichi is a beautiful man, that often sits in the garden with a painful look on his face. And Yuzu wants to grow taller and mature faster, because he wants to help and support Ichi-sama. A lot will happen and Yuzu will find out why is Ichi-sama like that, after an attack on him occurs and Ichi-sama becomes blind. Even when Ichi-sama decided to send him back to Kuroda, so he can find him a better owner, Yuzu declined and said that he wants to stay with him and support him.

There is one more story. The last one was really touching and painful to read. This manga was written by Nakamura Shungiku, the mangaka who also did Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

What I liked about them is that these hybrid children weren’t used for their “original” purpose, to satisfy some perverted desires of their owners but they are a real companion for their owners, someone to listen to them and support them in good as well in bad times. They are more than just a mere dolls. The only strange thing was the time when the stories took place. Warriors in a time of Shogunate and dolls that can grow up and learn to speak kinda don’t go one with another.

Omoi no Kakera (Fragments of Love)

This manga was very sweet and cute and nice for reading. It’s the first yuri I’ve read but I really liked it. It’s a story about love, one sided one, lust, insecurities, friendship, support… It’s really easy to recognize a lot of the events from manga in real life. The only different thing is that here are mostly girls falling in love with girls.

In a way, the main character is Takaoka Mika. I really liked her, as a character, she’s really down to earth, she has a nice way of thinking, she’s sharp and good at noticing things around her and people close to her.

She many times has a good advice for someone and she’s good at pointing what’s really the problem. Her only “fault” is that she was really hurt by her first love and, since then, she closed off her heart because of the fear that she might get hurt again. To overcome that, an encounter with Harada Mayu will be crucial, for both of them.

There’s a story about Matsumodo Takako and Harada Yui too. You’ll get to see how and why they’ve met in school, how will their relationship change over time and to what lengths they are willing to go so the can support each other.


The art was pretty nice too and I’m sure I’ll check some other manga written by Takemiya Jin.

Boku to Kanojo no XXX (My barbaric girlfriend)

This manga is a story about Akira Uehara, cute and extremely shy boy, who is in love with Nanako Momoi. They are a complete opposite. He is very gentle and nice, has good grades and cares about people.

And she is very cute but the moment she opens her mouth, the illusion ends. She is violent, rude and quiet obnoxious. But, after the accident in Nanako’s house, which involved him and Nanako, her crazy mad scientist of a grandfather switched their bodies.

That’s when the nightmare for Uehara starts. Seeing how the girl he loves treats his own body and family, and how she threatens him that she will do this and that if he does something with her body (although she does the same with his) is kinda annoying.

Her grandfather is a weirdo, who will exploit the fact that Uehara is nice and tidy and likes to cook. He will watch how Nanako falls in love with her best friend and starts dating her, despite the fact that she’s a girl in a boy’s body.


To make the things even worse, his best friend (Senbongi Shinnosuke) will fall in love with him, even though he realized that it’s Akira in Nanako’s body. I felt bad for Uehara, he is so exploited and used just because he is such a gentle soul.

There is no rule that guys should be “manly”, where being manly is considered being rude, violent, dirty and you should pick your nose all the time. Nanako is pretty obnoxious, both in her girl and boy form. It’s just that somehow that type of behavior is acceptable if you’re a boy, and it isn’t if you’re a girl.



Anyway, it was entertaining to read it, although not all the time. I didn’t like the end, it didn’t make sense and I personally don’t agree with the development it took.

Bitou Lollipop

This was really an unexpectedly interesting manga, full of feelings and drama, yet not too exaggerated. What you can read in a description about it, doesn’t tell much. Only that it’s a story about Gotou Madoka, whose parents like to gamble and who finished only a high school and belonged to a gang, won a lottery ticket. She will be very unhappy about it, since it will change her life from the core.

Suddenly, her parents will decide to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor and she will be left alone, to live with an unknown family, where they didn’t care much about her, especially the lady of the house, who looked down on her because she had poor upbringing and lack of education. She will even go to that extent to never invite her in her house and to forbid her to socialize with her son Asagi Tomoyo.


Meeting Tomoyo, even though it didn’t go so smoothly in the beginning, was something that saved her. She didn’t get used to be alone and she liked his company. He, on the other hand, really disliked girls because of his over possessive and over protective mother. Yet Madoka was like a fresh air to him, someone who showed him that girls can be different, that you can smile with them and relax near them and have a great time. But, also they can make you cry.


Once you accept that Madoka is loud, speaks her mind freely, shows her emotions and is like a hurricane that came into your life, it’s very easy to start loving her, like a very dear friend or as a lover. She deals with her problems head on, but sometimes she can realize some things pretty slow (although she realizes other things pretty fast). You can confide in her and rely on her at any time.

Her relationship with Ono (a classmate) will have an usual start, she will attract him to speak to her because she wasn’t really interested in him, but when she got, she noticed many things about him that others just didn’t. Like Tomoyo, he will realize that he can relax and be himself around her. That’s a treat that isn’t easily found in someone.


Many things will happen, many nice moments, sad ones too. You will see a lot of tears, missed opportunities or just bad timings, yet you will enjoy reading it and for sure you will choose someone to cheer for.

The creator of this manga is Iketani Rikako.

Megami no Libra

Before I started reading this manga, written by Sakou Watari, I was pretty excited. The art really looked good, and after reading the synopsis, I got interested in it. What you can read in it is that this is a story about Yuuki Tsumire and her life after her mother passed because of an illness. Her mother taught her to fight all the troubles, that life brings, with a smile on her face. She will do exactly that, after moving into the house of her relatives, who are rich and cold and who disowned her kindhearted mother when she became pregnant.

Now, I was never a fan of naive, weak and maybe a bit stupid heroine that you can find in so many manga. This one is no exception. Tsumire is just that but, when you think a bit more profound about her situation, you cannot not feel a bit bad for her. No one should ever stay without any parents/siblings and be alone. Her small world, that was consistent of her and her mother, and a few friends, suddenly crumbled by her mother’s death.

But that wasn’t the only thing that happens. She will get to know her mother’s family and the reason why she never knew about them. Suddenly, she will be a part of a rich family, where they accepted her but yet none of them like her. She’s alone in a huge house, she has to change a school and, without even knowing, she will become a means for various people to achieve they goals and their dreams, where Tsumire’s life and wish make no part.

The worst is, she will instantly fall in love with the first person who shows her a little bit of kindness (like a 16 years old orphan doesn’t deserve any), where she will, in order to “save” that person, no matter what, even accept a miai. She will throw away all of her future, and enter the arranged marriage they prepared for her, only because she wants to be next that person and because she thinks it’s the right way and the only thing she can do (and what about thinking of yourself and your whole life that comes and that will be changed by that foolish decision?) She’s just a lost lamb between the wolves, which has no experience to fight back, no means either, with a real need of a guardian who has only her interest in his/her mind.

Still, I do find her annoying, with her curiosity and wish to meddle in so many situations where she shouldn’t. She is bothersome and makes you think didn’t she learn from her mother to act properly/normal (although normal is different for different people). Not to mention, she will do something that her mother never would. I didn’t like the development of Tsumire’s character, which went from “I am naive and all I can do is blush because of my crush” through “now I have so many “wise” thinks to say” to “I can do everything, I’m a business woman at age of 20”.

The guy she likes…he’s supposed to be an adult and do his job. He saw how she felt but did nothing about it. He even played her little game. Then suddenly, he is having some second thoughts but even then, it isn’t something clear and defined but something half baked that puts her in even worse position.

I was pleasantly surprised by the attitude of her miai partner. He was an egoist and only thinking of himself, because of some personal reasons, but he really changed into a very reasonable person, who will really support Tsumire.

A part from very nice art, this manga didn’t make me enjoy it much. It’s really predictable and full of clichĂ©s.

Kanojo ni Naru Hi (Becoming a girl one day)

How would you feel if one day, your best friend and the biggest adversary that you have, suddenly changed from a boy into a girl? He still thinks/feels as a boy and isn’t really happy with the situation, but later he gets used to it. And you, on the other hand, had the worst experience ever with girls and are afraid of them…


Well, that’s what happened to Miyoshi Kyousuke, when his friend Mamiya Nao changed into a girl one day. They live in a society where the society maintains a fixed male-female ratio. When there’s an imbalance between the male and female population, they normally go through emergence, a phenomenon where, for example, a boy changes into a girl. One enters in sort of cocoon and changes the gender. And it’s not only the appearance but the change runs very deep, all the way to DNA. The only thing that doesn’t really change is the personality. That usually happens when they are kids. In teenagers it’s rare and dangerous.

That sure was a funny situation and it was interesting seeing how Mamiya is helping Miyoshi to overcome his fear of girls. Also what I liked here was not only reading about their own insecurities and the way they deal with them, but also seeing how they fight against prejudices that people have about people who went through that transformation and how they can be misunderstood and treated bad. The characters are depicted really nice, they seem like could be someone you know, with real problems. And the love between Miyoshi and Mamiya is really heart warming.


Yurara No Tsuki (Yurara)

Now this was an interesting manga to read. It’s written by Shiomi Chika. It’s a story about nice and quiet girl called Tsukinowa Yurara. She could see ghosts ever since she was a little girl. The only one who ever believed her was her grandfather. She didn’t have nice experience with other people, and she always tried to hide it. But it will all change when she enters high school. Her sitting place will be “possessed” by the ghost of a dead girl. She will realize after that that two classmates she encounters, Tendou Mei and Hoshino Yakou, can also see ghosts. And not only that. They have strong spiritual powers that helps them to ward off vengeful spirits. Tendou uses fire to fight them and Hoshino uses water.

After meeting these new friends, Yurara will get to know that her body is being possessed by a ghost. The ghost is actually something like a guardian spirit, that has been protecting her since she was a kid. Her grandfather, who can also see spirits, told her that someone is protecting her but she never actually felt its presence so much, like when high school started.

Tendou and Hoshino will both help her out in fighting against the ghosts, because she still doesn’t know how to use her powers, how to protect herself and how to help the ghosts that are wandering around, not being able to find peace and hurting people because they are lonely. Until Yurara learns more about her powers, her guardian spirit will remain with her.

The main problem will be her being wanted by both of them. You will enjoy this love triangle which is actually a quadrangle, but they wont know that. Yurara will really be confused and in a turmoil. It will be hard for her figure out her true feelings. And both of them need her and love her.

Yurara is a nice and sensitive girl and her guardian spirit is a total opposite of her… She’s bad ass, strong-willed, more beautiful, fearless…But she cares a lot about Yurara’s well-being and about her, more than her own happiness.




Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)

I am sure that many of you watched this anime in winter of 2016, since there were high expectations for it. For me, it was the best anime of that season and one of the most interesting in these few years. I watched it while airing, which I do rarely. There were quiet a few people that didn’t like it, many of them compared it with Steins;Gate. As for me, I didn’t compare…They were different and unique, in their own way. Since I liked it, I decided to read the manga too. It was written by Sanbe Kei. Now, you have to be prepared to one thing…The anime is following pretty much the manga, if you don’t count the end, which was different but then again it had many touching points. Still, I didn’t find it boring at all. Some things were better depicted in the anime and some better in the manga.

As you might already know, the story is about Fujinuma Satoru, a 29 years old man, who works as a delivery man to support himself, while what he really wants to do and is giving his best is to be a mangaka and write good stories. At work, he has a really loud but energetic coworker Katagiri Airi, of who he thinks that she’s a bit bothersome and that she doesn’t know to tell a joke.But she will support him in a time and way he couldn’t have imagined.

His mother is Fujinuma Sachiko, one of my favorite characters (here and of all the “mother” characters that I’ve encountered until now). She is a very perceptive person, so much that sometimes she is scary and it looks like she’s reading your mind (reason enough for Satoru to call her youkai or a demon 🙂 ) She and Satoru had a really good relationship when he was younger, but after certain killings in his area and people not believing in him that the killer isn’t the one that they think it is, Satoru kinda “closed” himself.

Satoru possesses a unexplainable ability of “revival”, which takes him back in time right before some incident occurs. He does try to ignore it, since getting involved in other people’s business never ended up well for him. Still, he helps every time. Airi will be the one who will notice that he is somehow always at the right place, at the right time, although it may not seem like that. But one incident will make him go way back, 18 years into past, at the time when he was an elementary school student. He is back in Hokkaido, in February of 1988. Many things that he has forgotten will come back to him, one of them being the disappearance and death of his classmate, Hinazuki Kayo and some other kids.


It will be interesting to see how he will try to approach Kayo, a girl on who he didn’t pay much attention, even though they were going to the same class. It’s interesting how Kayo saw through him and called him an imposter, just like she is, because she noticed that he played a role of the person he wants to be so he can get along with his mom and friends and that way to mingle into that community. Only after going back again, he will realize how many great friends he has, especially Kobayashi Kenya, such a smart and great boy, who will support Satoru in all of his “weird” actions he will take and couldn’t explain. In a very subtle way, he will let Satoru know and notice some things he didn’t see before.


This manga really keeps your interest and you eagerly follow Satoru on his way to save the kids, and you really are cheering for him all the time. One more thing that I liked is also a part where we get to know the killer better… How was killer’s childhood and what made that person do what it’s been doing and why. Also, you will have the end, the real one where you see how the lives of people who survived continue.

The art certainly isn’t the best I’ve seen so far, but there are moments when it gets really nice and pretty 🙂 But, the story itself will make you want to read it.


Sennen no Yuki (Millennium Snow)

Sennen no Yuki is a manga written by Hatori Bisco. It’s a story about Matsuoka Chiyuki, a high school girl hospitalized with a heart problem. Since she was born, she had a weak heart and she was told that she would probably live to be only fifteen. She missed a lot of her school and, when the story starts, she is on a verge of dying, hoping that she will get to see snow one more time. That’s when she meets Kanou Touya, a vampire who is in his right age (age of eighteen) to choose his companion among humans and make that person almost immortal (that person would get to live a thousand years). In return, that person would let him drink their blood. For now, his only companion and faithful servant is Yamimaru, a small bat that can transform into human of different age.


The story is quiet interesting. On one hand, you have Chiyuki who is desperate to continue to live. Her heart was always a ticking bomb and she could never do what she really wants. On the other hand, you have Touya, who supposedly dislikes the taste of blood and doesn’t like humans much, since he believes that they are weak creatures who will only die before him and leave him behind. That’s why he is so against having to choose a human companion. Other reason is that he doesn’t want to condemn some other person to a long life, which he thinks wont bring much joy to anybody.


After meeting Chiyuki, Touya will meet a lot of interesting people and he will start to see the world in different perspective. He will grumble a lot, but he will start enjoying life more and come to realize that living with others is more fun.


One more thing is interesting. This manga went on a hiatus for many years, and you will be able to see how the art gets way prettier in the second part of the manga. I also enjoyed it more, the more I read.