Castle Mango

When I read the description about this manga, I must say I had some prejudices and I really didn’t expect it to be the way it is. When I read love hotel, shooting AV’s and pants suddenly removed, I kinda thought that we will have a “typical bully”, who “can’t help it and can’t control himself” and a “poor, little and confused” lamb, who knows nothing about anything and just accepts thing and let’s being pushed around. Yet, there’s more there and I’m glad I gave it a shot.

There are two main characters, Yorozu and Togame. Yorozu is a very responsible and serious high school boy. A boy that, because of his family circumstances, doesn’t know how to relax and be just a boy or depend on adults.

Because of the lack of his experience, which growing up and dealing with different things brings, he will misunderstand a situation between Togame and his younger brother Satoru, which will lead to other things and actions he will do, which just show that he’s still a kid.


What I liked about his is that he really supports his family, how capable he is and that he doesn’t hide the fact that he lives in a “love hotel”, even though many people would think it’s so shameful. There’s a good reason for it and it’s enough that he knows it. On the other hand, it helped him decide what he wants to do in the future.

Togame, on the other hand, is a director of pretty popular AV’s. He does that for living but he doesn’t stop there and he also has his dreams. I like it how he treats Satoru and how, later on, he will try to help Yorozu because he understands that kids shouldn’t go through hardships like that. The more I knew about him, the more I liked him and the way he reacts and deals with things. He sure has his flaws too, yet it made him feel more “real” and human.

I liked the relationship that will develop between him and Yorozu and how it develops slowly and steady and without rushing anything. His coworkers are pretty interesting and nice too, and it was nice to see how they care for him and support him.

This manga was written by Konohara Narise and art was drawn by Ogura Muku. It is the right manga for you if you look for a deeper story, yet if you are more interested in love scenes, then you’d be a bit disappointed.


3-gatsu no Lion (March comes in like a lion)

I don’t remember how did I chose to watch this anime. Probably I liked the synopsis and decided to give it a try. I didn’t get to watch it while it was still ongoing but I picked it up three months ago. I had no idea that it will sweep me away and that I would like it that much. Be warned, this review contains some spoilers.

From the first episode, it begun pretty good. I recognized the art and I was pleasantly surprised that the mangaka is the same like the one for Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey and Clover), which is another lovely anime.

The story seems pretty simple. It’s about a boy called Kiriyama Rei, who is a professional shogi player, one of the five of them who became professional in middle school. He’s a very shy and quiet boy, who seems like all he knows how to do is play shogi. He lives alone in Tokyo, doesn’t take care of himself much and who repeated one year of school, so kids actually think he’s a one year older loser.

But that’s just the beginning. As the story goes on, you get to know him better and what happened to him. I can easily say that my heart ached every time I saw him sad, lonely and so poorly understood by others. He was a lonely boy since he was small, but his way of “speaking” with others was shogi. He loved spending time with his father, who was also a shogi player, so that’s why he started playing it.

He was unfortunate to lose his family and, unwanted by the rest of his family, he ended up living with the family of his father’s friend. You would think that that would bring him some desperately needed stability but no. He had to deal with a strong-willed daughter of that man (Kouda Kyouko), who saw him as a threat and a person who took away everything from her, with his stepbrother who wasn’t really mentally strong (but it’s normal, he was just a kid) and who broke under the pressure and his stepfather who seemed to only value people/children through shogi and that looked like that’s the most important thing for him and if you’re not good at it, you don’t deserve his attention. It was fascinating (and kinda scary) to see how much Kyouko actually hates him and how she blames Rei for everything bad that happened in her life, no matter the bad choices she made by herself.

But, Rei was lucky to meet three lovely sisters, Kawamoto Akari, Hinata and Momo, who are living with their grandfather who owns a traditional wagashi shop and some very funny cats.

They live a pretty humble life, where Akari (the oldest sister) works to support the other sisters and who is like a motherly figure. They brought light in Rei’s life. They give up such a warm and fuzzy feeling and they accepted him like no one ever did, in his whole life, and they became like a family to him…They really care for him and love him. The unfortunate events also struck their family and they went (and are still going) through a rough and sad time, yet without asking, they support each other and make life easier. They gave him everything he was craving to have and feel his whole life. He feels like home with them.

There are also some other very nice characters. I liked a lot his school teacher, Hayashida Takashi, who was doing his best to support him and who payed attention to Rei and saw what a great boy he is. He saw that Rei has a low self-esteem and feels insecure and because of that he doesn’t manage to interact with others. But Hayashida slowly pushes him to change the way he is at school and makes him question some things.

Nikaidou Harunobu (one guy called him “steam bun” 😀 ) is a sickly shogi player, to whom Rei was an inspiration and his biggest rival. You will enjoy watching that loud, funny boy, that seems like a storm who entered Rei’s life.

I also liked A-rank shogi player Shimada Kai, from whom Rei will learn a lot of things and who will show Rei what would he actually like to do in the future and how would he like to be and feel.

I do suggest you to watch it and I sure hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I did. Second season started in October. For now, it’s as good as a first one!

Lonely to Organdy

It’s a story about Haruto, who left his parental home because he didn’t want to continue family business but try to be a singer and songwriter. After a failed attempt of singing on the street, he stopped playing music and just passed his days working, eating, sleeping and watching dramas on TV.

One day, he got involved in an accident, when his life flashed in front of his eyes and when he thought of the fact that he will die and wont do the things he planned on doing, when he came there. Yet, he survived and from that moment on he was able to see Akira, the ghost that was haunting him.

That was a start of a really nice friendship. They would pass days and nights together, enjoying each others company. Haruto will learn things about Akira, where is he from, how and because he died, what he felt then and while being a ghost. Akira brought light in Haruto’s lonely life, but Haruto helped him feel less lonely too. He will support him to start over with his music and go towards the goal he had. 

This short manga, written by Ogeretsu Tanaka, was unexpectedly warm, sad and easy to read. It shows that we don’t need much to be happy, if we are lucky enough to encounter with special people in the time of our greatest need (many times especial for us only). 

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou (The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior)

This is a story about Kazunari Usa, calm and nice boy who will start living alone because his parents are working in a different area. He was excited about starting to live in a Kawai complex boarding house, since he thought he will finally lead a calm and “boring” life, completely different from the life while he was having with his parents. Yet, what he didn’t expect was to find a house full of eccentric tenants 🙂

The people that live in Kawai complex are really different from Usa. Shirosaki (Usa’s roommate), is a blond guy with pony tail, a huge masochist and a bit of a pervert. Nikishino Mayumi is an office lady with huge boobs, almost an alcoholic and the oldest of them all. She seems to dislike seeing other people happy and tries to mess with other people’s happiness.

Watanabe Sayaka is a college student who’s cute and looks innocent yet she’s not like that at all (this is how she looks like when she doesn’t like what’s going on 🙂 )


And last, Kawai Ritsu is a really cute and shy bookworm, Usa’s senpai and the main reason he stayed there. She reads all the time, even when she’s walking towards school or home.

There’s also Kawai Sumiko, a manager of Kawai complex, a nice and cheerful old lady that can be really scary when she thinks that someone isn’t behaving well and according to the rules.

I really enjoyed watching this anime. I enjoyed watching Usa, who’s desperately trying to get closer to Ritsu, who’s such a nice person, who cares and helps everyone and has an amazing ability to get along with all types of people. He’s funny and his reactions are funny, especially when he get teased by Mayumi and Sayaka. He is easily pleased and gets happy with the smallest nice things that happen to him.

Ritsu is such a cute girl, a bit misunderstood, especially when people think that she’s boring and likes to be alone. She really enjoys reading and it’s amazing to see how she gets into what interests her and everything else doesn’t seem to exist. Usa will try hard to get close to her and, even though sometimes it seems to him that the distance between them is getting bigger instead of smaller, in the end I think he really got to know her and understand her well.

Shirosaki is considered a pervert and a masochist, yet he shows such a nice and a bit unexpected side of him when she tries to please a kid called Chinatsu that came to visit their complex when she felt alone because she was in a fight with her friends. He can build such great things and has good skills in dealing with children.

The quarrels between Mayumi and Sayaka never get old. It’s so funny to see how they insult/tease each other and the rest of the tenants. Sayaka also seduces men like it’s some kind of sport for her and Mayumi loves to “ruin” other people’s happiness although I don’t think she’s a mean or a bad person. Her sarcasm and the way of teasing are hilarious.


I think it’s an interesting and funny anime to watch. It reminded me, in a way, of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, although it wasn’t as funny. Still, it’s a nice watch.


Boku to Kanojo no XXX (My barbaric girlfriend)

This manga is a story about Akira Uehara, cute and extremely shy boy, who is in love with Nanako Momoi. They are a complete opposite. He is very gentle and nice, has good grades and cares about people.

And she is very cute but the moment she opens her mouth, the illusion ends. She is violent, rude and quiet obnoxious. But, after the accident in Nanako’s house, which involved him and Nanako, her crazy mad scientist of a grandfather switched their bodies.

That’s when the nightmare for Uehara starts. Seeing how the girl he loves treats his own body and family, and how she threatens him that she will do this and that if he does something with her body (although she does the same with his) is kinda annoying.

Her grandfather is a weirdo, who will exploit the fact that Uehara is nice and tidy and likes to cook. He will watch how Nanako falls in love with her best friend and starts dating her, despite the fact that she’s a girl in a boy’s body.


To make the things even worse, his best friend (Senbongi Shinnosuke) will fall in love with him, even though he realized that it’s Akira in Nanako’s body. I felt bad for Uehara, he is so exploited and used just because he is such a gentle soul.

There is no rule that guys should be “manly”, where being manly is considered being rude, violent, dirty and you should pick your nose all the time. Nanako is pretty obnoxious, both in her girl and boy form. It’s just that somehow that type of behavior is acceptable if you’re a boy, and it isn’t if you’re a girl.



Anyway, it was entertaining to read it, although not all the time. I didn’t like the end, it didn’t make sense and I personally don’t agree with the development it took.

Bitou Lollipop

This was really an unexpectedly interesting manga, full of feelings and drama, yet not too exaggerated. What you can read in a description about it, doesn’t tell much. Only that it’s a story about Gotou Madoka, whose parents like to gamble and who finished only a high school and belonged to a gang, won a lottery ticket. She will be very unhappy about it, since it will change her life from the core.

Suddenly, her parents will decide to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor and she will be left alone, to live with an unknown family, where they didn’t care much about her, especially the lady of the house, who looked down on her because she had poor upbringing and lack of education. She will even go to that extent to never invite her in her house and to forbid her to socialize with her son Asagi Tomoyo.


Meeting Tomoyo, even though it didn’t go so smoothly in the beginning, was something that saved her. She didn’t get used to be alone and she liked his company. He, on the other hand, really disliked girls because of his over possessive and over protective mother. Yet Madoka was like a fresh air to him, someone who showed him that girls can be different, that you can smile with them and relax near them and have a great time. But, also they can make you cry.


Once you accept that Madoka is loud, speaks her mind freely, shows her emotions and is like a hurricane that came into your life, it’s very easy to start loving her, like a very dear friend or as a lover. She deals with her problems head on, but sometimes she can realize some things pretty slow (although she realizes other things pretty fast). You can confide in her and rely on her at any time.

Her relationship with Ono (a classmate) will have an usual start, she will attract him to speak to her because she wasn’t really interested in him, but when she got, she noticed many things about him that others just didn’t. Like Tomoyo, he will realize that he can relax and be himself around her. That’s a treat that isn’t easily found in someone.


Many things will happen, many nice moments, sad ones too. You will see a lot of tears, missed opportunities or just bad timings, yet you will enjoy reading it and for sure you will choose someone to cheer for.

The creator of this manga is Iketani Rikako.

Koujitsusei no Tobira and Jin to Neko wa Yobu to Konai

For Buegette Cys, who lived his life quiet normally, with his work and girlfriend Irene, everything will change one day when he gets the call informing him that his brother died and that his brother left behind an adopted son, Buegette Kai. He haven’t seen his brother, who was a scientist, for 10 years. His brother was working on a way to implant a foreign memory into someone’s brain and change that person’s memory. The arrival of beautiful 17 year old boy will lead to him losing his girlfriend and, in a way, losing his mind since he will get strangely attracted to this boy.


It will appear that Kai is doing some shady work on the side, but Cys couldn’t even imagine what was going on and where it would lead him. Cys will hear amazing stories about himself and his brother and Kai. Both the FBI and CIA will get involved. After all the things he heard, he just wanted to be left alone.


In the time that follows, Cys will try to find out more about his past and his brother. He understood that he shouldn’t have said that to Kai and that he has a lot of questions for him. Kai seems to know many things about him, even from the time that he doesn’t remember. He will tell him about the time they met, who named him and many other things.


This manga turns out to be more a thriller than just a common and repetitive yaoi. But the end wasn’t quiet satisfying.

If you want to read more about Mari and Jin, you can in Jin to Neko wa Yobu to Konai (Neither Jin nor a Cat Come when Calling).


But let me warn you. This manga has different short stories and it isn’t as good as Koujitsusei no Tobira. Jin is way too weird, for my taste. Mari was more interesting for me yet he seemed like he wasn’t quiet sure what he wants to do about certain things. His friendship with Jin is pretty unusual. There’s also a guy that violated Mari but wants to continue?!? Besides the story about Jin and Mari, there is even a weirder story about an ex baseball player. Also one shockingly sad, involving death. And if you are in need of gay angels, you’ll find them too. You wont miss anything if you don’t read them.

Both manga were written by Shoowa.

My Top manga

I really like reading manga. Since reading Fruit Basket and after it Hana Yori Dango (my first two manga I’ve read) I got completely hooked up! Today, two and a half years later, give or take, I’ve completed 796 manga, I’m reading 49, 70 are “on hold” and I’ve dropped 22 of them. On my list for reading next are 544.

I wanted to share the ones that I really liked to read. They are of different genres, some are manga and some are manhwa. There are a few one-shots here but I normally enjoy longer manga (the longer it is, I enjoy it more, if it’s a good manga). I’m just sharing the ones that I gave 8, 9 or 10 points (out of 10). Even between the ones with the same points, there are some that I liked more than others. Anyway, I hope you’ll find something here that you’d like to read. I put the names both in Japanese and English, for you to find them more easily. Also, you have a link for mangaka, to really nice site called MAL (myanimelist).

Hope you’ll like it!


Watashi-tachi no Shiawase na Jikan (Our Happy Hours) by Yumeka, Sumomo


Fruits Basket (Furuba) by Takaya, Natsuki

Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) by Kamio, Yoko

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom) by Nakajo, Hisaya

Kodomo no Omocha (Kodocha: Sana’s Stage) by Obana, Miho

Love So Life by Kouchi, Kaede

Ore no Hanashi wo Shiyouka (Shall we speak about me?) by Kamio, Yoko

The Friendly Winter by Lee, Jun


Kare First Love by Miyasaka, Kaho

360º material by Minami, Touko

Akuma de Sourou (The Devil Does Exist) by Takanashi, Mitsuba

All You Need Is Kill by Obata, Takeshi (Art), Sakurazaka, Hiroshi (Story), Takeuchi, Ryousuke (Story)

Another by Kiyohara, Hiro (Art), Ayatsuji, Yukito (Story)

Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) by Sakisaka, Io

Arisa by Ando, Natsumi

B-Eyes by Shiomi, Chika

Banken Hero (The Watchdog Hero) by Mitsui, Haruka

Bitou Lollipop by Iketani, Rikako

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased; The Town Where Only I am Missing) by Sanbe, Kei

Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai (You Can’t Disappear From Me) by Aikawa, Saki

Boku wa Konomama Kaeranai (I Shall Never Return) by Uchida, Kazuna

Boku wa Ookami. (I am the only wolf.) by Yuki, Nachi

Bokura ni Matsuwaru etc. (You and Me, Etc.) by Kyuugou

Bonnouji by Aki★Eda

Boyfriend by  Yamada, Daisy

Boys Love by Tachibana, Kaimu

Brother Auto Spot by Noici, Micuro

Cat street by Kamio, Yoko

Cherry Boy, That Girl by South Ant

Coda by Ichimura, Hitoshi

Crayon Days: Daikirai na Aitsu by Chiba, Kozue

Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha by Okamura, Tensai

End Game by Yamanaka, Hiko

Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki (Tsuda Note) by Hayakawa, Nojiko

Futari no Renai Shoka by Yamazaki, Kore

Doushitemo Furetakunai (No Touching at All) by Yoneda, Kou

Gohou Drug (Legal Drug) by CLAMP

Hajimari no Niina (Beginning Niina) by Minamori, Koyomi

Hana no Kishi (Knight of Flower) by Nishikata, Mai

Hana to Rakurai (Flower and Thunderbolt) by Watanabe, Kana

Hana wa Saku ka (Does the Flower Blossom?) by Hidaka, Shoko

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: After School (Hana-Kimi – Kayashima Arc) by Nakajo, Hisaya

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Special-hen (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Special Ending) by Nakajo, Hisaya

He Loves You by Yanai, Wakana

Heart by Takada, Rie

Hirunaka no Ryusei (Daytime Shooting Star) by Yamamori, Mika

Hotarubi no Mori e (Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light) by Midorikawa, Yuki

Houkago Hokenshitsu (After School Nightmare) by Mizushiro, Setona

Hybrid Child by Nakamura, Shungiku

Ichigo Channel (Strawberry Channel) by Tajima, Mimi

Ikumen☆After by Kodaka, Kazuma

Ingènuo by Ryan

Joou to Shitateya (Queen and the tailor) by Beriko, Scarlet

Junai Labyrinth (Pure Love Labyrinth) by Nakaji, Yuki

Junai Tokkou Taichou! (Pure-Love Kamikaze Captain) by Seino, Shizuru

Junjou Drop (Junjou Cider) by Nakahara, Aya

Junketsu Drop by Kisaragi, Manami (Art), Watarumi, Naho (Story)

Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuku. (The Gods Lie) by Ozaki, Kaori

Kamisama no Iutoori (As the God of Death Dictates; Like God Says) by Kaneshiro, Muneyuki (Story), Fujimura, Akeji (Art)

Kare no Ondo (His Temperature) by Miyagawa, Masayo

Kare wa Tomodachi (He is a Friend) by Yoshioka, Ririko

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances) by Tsuda, Masami

Kiken Mania (Dangerous Mania) by Nanajima, Kana

Kimi wa Kirakira (You’re Sparkling) by Yoshino, Aki

Kimi wa Pet (Tramps Like Us) by Ogawa, Yayoi

Kimi-iro Eden (Eden in Your Color) by Aomoto, Sari

Kingyosou (Goldfish Sonata; Silent Love Song) by Fujitsuka, Yuki

Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) by Ooima, Yoshitoki

Koe no Katachi by Ooima, Yoshitoki

Koi, Hirari (Love, Lightly) by Mitsuki, Miko

Koibitogokoro (Heart of Lover) by Kanda, Neko

Koizora: Setsunai Koimonogatari (Love Sky – Sad Love Story) by Haneda, Ibuki (Art), Mika (Story)

Konya mo Nemurenai (No Sleep Tonight) by Yamamoto, Kotetsuko

Kore ga Koi to Iu naraba by Aikawa, Saki

Koukou Debut (High School Debut) by Kawahara, Kazune

Last Game by Amano, Shinobu

Last Note by Sakurakouji, Kanoko

Life by Suenobu, Keiko

Love Calendar by Minase, Mayu (Art), DECO*27 (Story)

Love in the Mask by Han, Yu-Rang

Love Lesson by Chidori, Peko

Lover Boy by Han, Yu-Rang

Marmalade Boy by Yoshizumi, Wataru

Mars by Souryo, Fuyumi

Mashikaku Rock (Tonari no Hanako-san; Sayonara Sankaku) by Watanabe, Kana

Matsuri Special by Kamio, Yoko

Mixed Vegetable by Komura, Ayumi

My Boyfriend Is a Vampire by Han, Yu-Rang

My Girl by Yumeka, Sumomo

My Heart is Beating by Ha, Il-Kwon

My Hero by Kumaoka, Fuyu

Nakanmon! (Crybaby, Don’t Cry!) by Tsukishima, Haru

Nekota no Koto ga Kininatte Shikatanai by Oouta, Rie

Neon Sign Amber by Ogeretsu, Tanaka

Nineteen, Twenty-One (19-21) by Kim, Hye-Jin

Omoi no Kakera (Fragments of love) by Takemiya, Jin

Only You: Tobenai Tsubasa by Suetsugu, Yuki

Orange by Takano, Ichigo

Orange Marmalade by SeokWoo

Parfait Tic! (Are you Happy?) by Nanaji, Nagamu

Sad Love Song by Shin, Ji-Sang (Story & Art), Geo (Story & Art)

Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope) by Kodama, Yuki

Sakamichi no Apollon: Bonus track by Kodama, Yuki

Seishun Survival (Youth Survival) by Motomi, Kyousuke

Sekine-kun no Koi (Sekine’s love) by Kawachi, Haruka

Seven Days by Takarai, Rihito (Art), Tachibana, Venio (Story)

Shiawase Kissa 3-choume (Happy Cafe) by Matsuzuki, Kou

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (You Lie in April) by Arakawa, Naoshi

Sono Kuchibiru, Itadakimasu (Don’t Say “I Love You”) by Shiraishi, Yuki

Soredemo, Yasashii Koi wo Suru (Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly) by Yoneda, Kou

Sorekara, Kimi wo Kangaeru (Then, I think of you) by Komatsu

Steel Rose by Ryan

Strobe Edge (Colorless Dreamer) by Sakisaka, Io

Taiyou no Ie (House of the Sun) by Taamo

Tamayura by Yuki, Ringo

Taro-kun wa Kou Miete Igai to xxx desu. by Ichikawa, Shou

Teppen! (The Top) by Tsukimiya, An

Teppuu (Iron Wind) by Ohta, Moare

Tetsugaku Letra by Yumeka, Sumomo

The One by Lee, Nicky

Tokidoki by Komi, Naoshi

Tokimekigokoro by Kanda, Neko

Tomodachi no Hanashi (The Secret of Friendship) by Kawahara, Kazune (Story), Yamakawa, Aiji (Art)

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster) by Robico

Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunin-tachi (Hotel Williams Child Bird) by Kabei, Yukako (Story), Takarai, Rihito (Art)

Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop) by Unita, Yumi

Usemono Yado by Hozumi

Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu (I Am Called Yamamoto Zenjirou) by Maki, Youko

Yappari Taro-kun wa Kou Miete Igai to xxx desu. by Ichikawa, Shou

Yatteranneeze! (I Can’t Take it Anymore) by Koide, Mieko (Story & Art), Akizuki, Koh (Story)

Youth Gone Wild by Lee, Nicky

Yurara no Tsuki (Yurara) by Shiomi, Chika

Yuru Koi (All Love) by Yoshino, Aki









Sekine-kun no Koi (Sekine’s Love)

When I started reading this manga, written by Kawachi Haruka, I was wondering what attracted me to start reading it and will I be able to finish it. The story started with Keiichiro Sekine and him thinking about what he could do, in his spare time. He will end up going to a handcrafts store, where he will meet a very peculiar old man and his granddaughter Kisaragi Sara. He will start paying to learn magic tricks from the grandpa (for a pretty high price) but he will also start knitting. You’ll get to know that he is exceptional in everything he does, he is a very fast learner and does many things perfectly without a lot of sweat. Lots of people will dislike him because of that and his looks, and women will talk about him and admire him all the time. He has a mysterious air around him, that make people interested in him, even though he isn’t trying to pique  their interest.

He only has one real friend from high school called Sakurato Konno and a weird fear of skinny persons that he got from Konno’s wife Kazune. All this made me wonder how is any of this interesting to read.

But, the more you read the more you get into it. In the end, I really liked Sekine. He’s a very caring person. He’s a bit weird, maybe more accurate to say is that he is an unusual person. He kinda let people (women mostly) to do whatever they want to do to him, use him as they please, just because he never deeply thought about it and didn’t actually care, since he always just waited for it “to pass” and to stop “being uncomfortable”. He just lets life slide past him, like it doesn’t concern him much.

Meeting with Sara will have a great impact on his life. They will have their differences and some awkward moments but she will notice things about him that no one noticed before and she will make him think about things he never thought before. They will both have to fight their true nature, in order to get what they want.


This is a bit unusual read but you sure will like it, if you give it a try.